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Xcell Group SA is a wholly owned corporation by Xcell Security House and Finance S.A (Xcell Swiss), the parent company, which is a Swiss regulated company operating under the laws of Switzerland.   Xcell Swiss, the parent corporation, owns 75% of Xcell-Guinea Corporation SA. Xcell-Guinea Corporation SA is the parent company for the Guinean companies and projects Xcell has in the Republic of Guinea. All of these companies are Public Private Partnerships (PPP) with the Government of Guinea, which owns the other 25% of  Xcell-Guinea Corporation SA.  

These projects include an 840 MW LNG power plant, 5 regional airports, 5 football stadiums, natural gas exploration and exploitation, national lottery, international airport (phase 1) and the project at hand with this bond offering through Xcell Group SA. The expansion of the physical gold purchasing through the Xcell gold processing laboratory in the Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea in Kankan. Part of the protocols set up with the partnership of the United Nations is to promote good and verifiable gold mining practices, for example forbidding child labor and the use of chemicals to process the gold.  These protocols are known as the Xcell Gold Standard and the agreement with the Government of Guinea, gives Xcell the exclusive rights to provide proprietary Xcell machinery, to process and subsequently purchase gold from the 2 million Artisanal Miners and also Small Mining (ASM) companies in Guinea.
Most of the Xcell projects are funded by equity and debt sourced by Xcell and currently total over 1.75 Billion Euros.  In addition, Xcell has recently established a special limited partnership in Luxembourg, Xcell Group SLP, which will provide capital to increase its existing Xcell Group Gold project in Guinea. Information on the Xcell Group SLP Bond Offering can be found here
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