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Xcell Group SA, along with its parent company's operating company Xcell Guinée Energie SA, have developed a project plan for the Republic of Guinea that, in partnership with the Government, addresses the long term needs for the people and growing business sector in Guinea by providing 1170 Megawatts of power. Xcell Guinée Energie SA as a PPP company controls all aspects of this project as the developer, owner and operator of the power projects in partnership with the Government of Guinea via a Public Private Partnerships (PPP) along with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the sale of electricity generated.  

Xcell Guinée Energie SA

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Xcell Group SA President, Lynnwood Farr, with the Minister of Energy and Hydraulics, Excellence Dr. Cheick Taliby Sylla, after signing the PPP for the 1170 MW of Power 

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As part of the PPP, in order to properly develop the power projects, the Government of Guinea has granted required land to Xcell Guinée Energie SA and the PPP program.  Most importantly for logistical purposes, the Government of Guinea has already provided a very large and strategically located a section of land in Conakry for the power projects.  The section of land granted is adjacent to the port, which allows for easy access for the offloading of LNG.

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