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Xcell Group’s Partner utilizes innovative, breakthrough NanoSpectra Technologies in hyperspectral aspects to uniquely investigate underground conditions in precious minerals exploration. The technology has been deployed in many global projects with exceptional successes, including sites in North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

Xcell Security House and Finance Guinea S.A., at its own concession in Guinea, has successfully identified underground precious minerals (i.e., gold, silver and rare earth elements) using only the NanoSpectra Technology.




The Ministry of Mines and Geology, Government of the Republic of Guinea has entered into a Protocol Agreement with Xcell Security House and Finance Guinea S.A. The Protocol specifies the use of the NanoSpectra Technologies to support the Government’s expanding interests in the exploration of precious and base metals across the country.


This new Initiative is in process, under full and transparent government oversight, on Xcell/Government owned concessions, in order to advance the partnership between Xcell Security House and Finance Guinea S.A and the Government of Guinea to co-develop mining assets throughout the Country

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