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Xcell Group S.A is proud to have a committed, experienced and well prepared group of professionals whose only objective is to fulfill Xcell's Clients request, with an unique tailor made approach. 


Xcell's professionals proven successful record in their field of exepertice providing our clients an exceptional advantage. Do not hesitate to contact them!

Lynnwood Farr, President | Phone: +41 21 312 57-07

An American citizen, now Swiss resident. Studied at Texas Christian University at Fort Worth, Texas. A career spanning thirty-three years with multinational General Dynamics Corporation. Retiring as President of the Canadian Division. Founder of Xcell Security House and Finance S.A., Lausanne, Switzerland in 2007. Accomplished businessman in the Precious Metals and Precious Stones field. Personally responsible for obtaining and maintaining the Swiss Hallmark granted to Xcell Security House and Finance S.A and creating the Xcell Gold Standard, by which Xcell has been invited to work with United Nations in relation to improving Artisanal Mining worldwide. Included in this invitation is the deployment of specialized Artisanal Mining equipment, some having been invented personally by Mr. Farr. He, through the Xcell Gold Standard, has opened the doors to West African Gold back into the LBMA system.

A. Damany Conde 
President Xcell Guinea | Phone: +41 21 312 57-07

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Theodore Waz,
Vice Chairman | Phone: M: +1.512.300.1820

 A Guinean citizen, third generation of artisanal mining, both Gold and Diamonds. Considered to be one of the most successful Guinean businessmen. The goal for Mr. Condé and his family is to provide profitability with Xcell and Xcell Trading Company (XTC) in Guinea, sending some of the profits back to Guinea for Nation Building.

Theodore Waz, Vice Chairman, XCell Security House & Finance, is a Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Medical School post graduate primarily focused on transformative PPP infrastructure, energy and finance deals across North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

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Rand Neveloff J.D., MBA, PhD
Vice President Legal and CTO | Phone: +41 21 312 57-07

Seasoned Developer, Investment Banker and Attorney who has specialized in International project development, finance and consulting for past 25 years. Specialization in large scale infrastructure developments and trade, particularly in the Emerging Markets. Expertise in dealing with Central Bank and trade development issues on a national and international basis, from the capital requirements and facilities needed to fight inflation and currency fluctuations as well as tax and legal implications of domestic and foreign trade laws. Have lead or assisted projects from inception to successful completion in over 50 countries worldwide. Have represented over thirty nations for trade and business development, both for domestic and international markets. Leading expert on renewable energy platforms with over 100 solar projects completed.

Daniel Gonzalez,
Vice President of Business Development and Precious Metals | Phone: +41 21 312 57-07

Daniel Gonzalez is the Vice President of Business Development and Precious Metals. He manages Xcell Security House and Finance S.A’s Precious Metal Projects and Operations and has an extensive experience in Gold Mining and Trading. Additionally, Daniel has collaborated extensively with Lynnwood Farr in establishing the Xcell Gold Standard procedures related to data collecting, compliance, administration and traceability. Mr. Gonzalez is primary developer of Xcell’s systems and procedures and financial reporting for Xcell Swiss and Xcell West African Division.

Maria Martins, Manager Administration and Finance | Phone: +41 21 312 57-07 

Mrs. Martins is the Manager of the Administration and Finance Department of Xcell Security House and Finance S.A. Maria makes sure that all the financial and administrative task are carried on perfectly. Mrs. Martins is involved with the coordination and implementation of office procedures and is responsible for specific projects and tasks, overseeing and supervising the work of the administrative and finance staff.

Daniela Alves, Assistant Administration| Phone: +41 21 312 57-07

Mrs. Alves is the Assistant Administration of Xcell Security House and Finance S.A. Mrs. Alves performs administrative and office support activities for multiple supervisors and representatives of Xcell Security House and Finance throughout the world. Mrs. Alves is the one in charge of the efficient day-to-day operations of the office, and support the work of management and other staff.


Karim Mchirgui, Metallurgist
Xcell West African Division | Phone: +41 21 312 57-07

Bintu Diaby, Administration
Xcell West African Division| Phone: +41 21 312 57-07

Karim Mchirgui is the Metallurgist of Xcell Security House and Finance West African Division. He in is charge of all the Precious Metals. Mr. Mchirgui manages the Process Metallurgical Department to achieve maximum optimization of ore processing in a safe and environmentally sound manner. He further develops and manages metallurgical operations and work practices that maximize operational efficiencies; improving plant operating performance; reducing waste and delays and achieving a high level of operating efficiency.

Mrs. Bintu Diaby is the Administrator of Xcell West African Division. Mrs. Diaby is involved with the coordination and implementation of office procedures and is responsible for specific projects and tasks. Mrs. Diaby handles all the internal/external communications, managing, overseeing and supervising the clerical and other administrative staff.

Elias Darwiche, Vice-President 
Xcell Financial Services Medical Domain| Phone: +41 21 312 57-07

Dr. Nada Haswani Darwiche
Director of Client Services
Xcell Financial Services Medical Domain| Phone: +41 21 312 57-07

Elias Darwiche is the Vice-President of Xcell Financial Services Medical Domain. 

Dr. Nada Haswani Darwiche is the Director of Client Services of Xcell Financial Services Medical Domain.

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