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Xcell has been active in the Republic of Guinea for over seven years and has established an excellent working relationships with the Government of Guinea, all the way up to the highest levels while building Xcell’s successful businesses there.

Prompted by these compliant financial relationships with the Government of Guinea and Xcell’s track record in Guinea working with strict Swiss standards, and the awarding of the 2025 Africa Cup to the Republic of Guinea, Xcell was approached by the government to be the developer for the five sports stadiums needed to support the Africa Cup, an event held every two years that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from throughout Africa and the World. Given that the World’s attention does not come to the Republic of Guinea very often, the Guinean Government has decided to take advantage of this opportunity to create an environment that spurs Western investments in infrastructure and business development in partnership with the Government and local business interests. Xcell is in a unique position to lead this initiative from the private sector.


Football Stadiums and Sports Facilities

Through its subsidiary, Xcell Guinée Installations Sportives SA,  will develop a total of 5 football stadiums in the Republic of Guinea. Each stadium will be developped and owned by a subcompany of Xcell Guinée Installations Sportives SA. The Stadium projects will include 4 new 20,000 seat stadiums in the cities of Kankan, N'Zérékoré, Boké and Labé and a new 40,000 seat stadium in the capital city of Conakry, named "Legend Stadium" that will replace the current 25,000 seats “Stade du 28 Septembre”.

Xcell Guinée installations Sportives -  Stade Kankan SA 

Xcell Guinée installations Sportives -  Stade Labé SA 

Xcell Guinée installations Sportives -  Stade Boké SA

Xcell Guinée installations Sportives -  Stade N’Zerekoré SA

Xcell Guinée installations Sportives -  Stade Legend Conakry SA

Companies in charge of the Projects:


KANKAN: 20,000 seats

LABÉ: 20,000 seats 

BOKÉ: 20,000 seats

N'ZEREKORE: 20,000 seats 

CONAKRY: 40,000 seats

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